Princess Nokia

New York’s smartest girl and DIY rapper have with mixtapes like ”Metallic Butterfly” and the recent ”1992” made an impact showing that musical diversity is the way to go. Whether she’s singing or rapping her feministic approach is on spot as is her cool podcast series.

Stefflon Don

Stefflon Don is the British rapper with a passion for explicit lyrics. She jumps between r&b, rap and grime with ease and her mixtape ”Real thing” together with the Jeremih collaboration on the track ”London” made her stand out last year. Now with ”16 shots”, she’s ready to take control.

Cakes Da Killa

New Jersey rapper with a knack for blending his local sounds and incorporating dance tracks, rap and slow jams. On his debut ”Hedonism” Cakes Da Killa collaborated with Peaches and Rye Rye showing diversity. He’s been labled a breath of fresh air for being an openly gay rapper with a dirty mind.


Swedish producer and DJ that combines a bit of wave with a slight hint of trap, hip hop and electronica and the end result is emotions captured in a warped technicolour bubble. CVRL loves cinematic landscapes paired with a passion for post rave era influences.


Young Swedish producer ModVo hits you with his sophisticated and jazzy electronic sounds. Drawing inspiration from legends like Herbie Hancock and Mahavishnu Orchestra ModVo mixes this with his love for some slow future bass and a slice of energetic footwork.
Photo: Dan Wilton / RBMA


Underworld, the iconic dance act, who headlined Coachella last year have now finally accepted their first festival in Sweden for more than 20 years, last time was the Stockholm festival Lollipop in 1996!
At this point will the band do one festival alone: Department 2017 in the whole Europe this summer! The duo consisting of Rick Smith and Karl Hyde have created a fascinating combination of dance musics hedonism and euphoria together with poetic lyrics and outbursts.
Now the duo are back with the soundtrack to the follow up T2 Trainspotting (2017). It’s time for a new generation to experience the haunting and explosive mix of Rick Smith’s melodies and rhythms mixed with Karl Hyde’s spellbounding lyrics and vocals. To see and experience Underworld is summoned up in this review:
”…things to do before I die” Resident Advisor.


The Austrian duo that transforms into a trio when performing live. The stage seems to be the perfect environment for their indie approach to house and techno. HVOB’s light touch and deep understanding of rhythms and melodies have progressed throughout their career and is now in full bloom on the brand new album Silk.

Axel Boman

The funky groove controller from The Studio Barnhus collective. Axel Boman is a charming crowd pleaser in the sense that he delivers what no one expects, with happy chaos as a result. Now he’s broadening his palette with the critically acclaimed Talaboman project. We are happy to welcome Mr Boman to Department!

Nadja Chatti

The search for great and hauntingly cool grooves has made Nadja Chatti one of Stockholms finest selectors. Her blend of house and techno delivered with warmth and passion makes her a household name at the after hour parties and great festivals.


A frontrunner for electronic music in Stockholm through her various projects and collaborations like Samlingen and Grupp 13. Mirja makes her eclectic and elegant mix of house, tech house and techno to a perfect blend with focus on good grooves.