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Joris Voorn

The Dutch house producer has been gracing the decks and dance floors for the last 20 years with his powerful melodies and gorgeous grooves. Voorn has trademarked the passionate blend of house and techno and never lost touch of the fun an uplifting side of clubbing. We are happy to have him at our big […]

Paul Kalkbrenner

The German wizard of dreamy electronics, cinematic house and minimal techno is about to hit Stockholm. We are proud to present a Scandinavian exclusive show, Paul Kalkbrenner LIVE. His recently announced ”Back to the future” show sold out so fast we just had to make sure to offer you the full Kalkbrenner experience on Department. […]


Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein are the creators of the fantastic soundtrack to last years Netflix success Stranger Things. After playing sold out shows in the USA last year they’re doing their only show in Scandinavia at Department in June!

Sthlm Murder Girls

The duo of Johanna Schneider and Philippa Pacho creates an intimate party with their selection of distinct and powerful techno. Schneiders’ label Bossmusik has created some dark and minimalistic releases that showcases what this duo is about.

Âme (live)

Kristian Beyer and Frank Wiedemann has taken the hypnotic sounds of house and turned them into dance floor gems for more than a decade. At Department they will take their live set up and elevate us all for the first time in Stockholm for more than five years.