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Mash Up International

Mash Up International are travellers in time and space with a fantastic knowledge of rhythms from ancient and futuristic civilisations. With roots in the Jamaican sound systems they create the best party vibe possible through various of collaborations. Are you ready for the beauty of the bass?


Department presents the LASH sisters! Hip hop has no gender” that’s the tag line of the charismatic sisters Sabina and Anfa Lashari aka LASH. Their debut ”Två fingrar” was recorded with Silvana Imam a few years ago. With their beats, rhymes and attitude they have shown that they are ready for the big stages.


Born in England, now a Berliner, Planningtorock’s music is ever evolving and moves from being emotional and somewhat moody to pure joyful dance tracks but still with focus on gender issues. Whatever Planningtorock creates it tends to be political wether it is running a label, directing videos or releasing great music.

Olof Melander

Olof Melander aka Iller the abstract giraffe is constantly evolving although rooted in soul, jazz and hip hop he blends his dubby, electronic broken beats with twists and effects. His latest album is a great example of how you can incorporate old grooves by adding new elements.


She’s been creating chaos on the dance floors for the last couple of years with her charismatic approach. Her debut album solidifies the focus on bass heavy productions and spot on rap. Gnucci is unpredictable and powerful and her onstage persona has got to be experienced live. Photo by Estaban Wautier

– 1991 –

Department presents a new addition to the third stage, our own Open Air setting. Responsible for the vibes and music curator for the chill out area on Sunday the 4th of June is the creative collective -1991- . ” – ”Influenced by the year 1991, filled with social events that has shaped our present life, […]

Gago Cuk + friends

Department now presents the third stage, our own Open Air setting. Responsible for the vibes and music curator for the chill out area on Saturday the 3rd of June is Gago Cuk. What’s your best memory from a festival? “ – Unfortunately, I don’t have any specific memories, since I’ve always had fun at festivals. […]

Alexandra Karpilovski

Art installation by Kiev born contemporary artist Alexandra Karpilovski will take place at the Department area during the festival – for you to experience. Currently based in Stockholm Alexandra works mainly within the realm of performance and installation with a focus on the stage and the cultural conditioning it involves. Curated by Slobodan Zivic.

Peggy Gou

Berlin based Korean dj and producer with a rough yet warm house and techno sound mainly influenced by African grooves and rhythms. Last year she made a high profile debut on Radio Slave’s label Rekid. Watch her conquer the world as her exquisite taste in sounds gets more known.

Princess Nokia

New York’s smartest girl and DIY rapper have with mixtapes like ”Metallic Butterfly” and the recent ”1992” made an impact showing that musical diversity is the way to go. Whether she’s singing or rapping her feministic approach is on spot as is her cool podcast series.