Underworld Dixon
Paul Kalkbrenner Tale of us
Princess Nokia Joris Voorn
Âme live Johanna Knutsson

S U R V I V E Stefflon Don Peggy Gou Axel Boman Planningtorock Gnučči Cakes Da Killa HVOB Nadja Chatti Sthlm Murder Girls -1991- Gago Cuk Olof Melander Maya Lourenco Max Lindevall Anna Kohlin Mash Up International Marlena Lampinen ModVo Lukas Nystrand von Unge Pedrodollar Sissel Wincent Y+M GRXGVR Mirja CVRL Mai Nestor LASH Linny Hex
Art installation: Alexandra Karpilovski

Department FAQ

Tickets on sale through www.departmentsthlm.se and on site box office, at the entrance.

The Warehouse and Kraken stages are booth indoors and the Chill stage is the only one outdoors.

Age limit
Since we serve alcohol on the premises the age limit is set to 18 years. No under age persons are allowed, even if accompanied by adults.

How to get here
Easiest way is to use either the tram or subway to station Globen. Then it’s just about 100 meters walking distance to festival area.

Opening hours
Saturday: Department will open at 14.00 and close 03.00
Sunday: Department will open at 14.00 and close 00.00

Food and drink
Department is a vegetarian festival and we have various of different dishes to cater for your needs. There will also be plenty of beverages to choose from and alcohol will be served in the whole area. Beer, cider and wine will be available in all of the bars but assorted spirits and liquer only at Kraken.

For a fee of 100:- Swedish Kronor it is possible to leave some clothing and small bags.

The area is easy to get around so there will be no problem using a wheelchair, for instance.

If you want to apply for a press/photo accreditation please contact info@departmentsthlm.se

Anything else? Contact us on info@departmentsthlm.se